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"IRONORM FORDUS" is now released with a new formulation dedicated firstly to Pregnant


 Gratefully, Al Razi Drugstore is delighted to announce the release of our newly modified product 'Ironorm Fordus' in Jordan market. Al Razi Drugstore rewards this accomplishment to their valuable partner 'Wallace' Alinter Group.

After an extensive work done by Wallace Manufacturing Chemists Limited. Significantly, the UK Manufacturer have brought in the fruits of their efforts by processing efficiently to insure a final dosage form development of 'Ironorm Fordus'.

While the word 'Fordus' came from Latin language which means 'Pregnant'. The food supplement provides the most primary ingredients needed for all pregnant women with an appropriate dosage. The capsules are rich in vitamins B and C, Folic Acid and Iron. During pregnancy, the active ingredients of Ironorm Capsules Fordus provide numerous benefits for both mother and baby. All are essential for normal energy-yielding metabolism.

In addition to its efficacy and beneficial uses for prophylaxis and treatment of Iron deficiency Anemia, it promotes a rapid effect, plus its high safety profile with minimal side effects. 

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